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Therapeutic Preventative Dentistry

Stop dental problems before they start with preventative dentistry from Dr. Alvin Holmes in Syracuse, New York. You can feel confident that a dentist with more than 30 years of experience is caring for your teeth when you come to us.

Dental  Hygiene

The ideal way to prevent many types of dental issues is with routine hygiene appointments. During a routine hygiene visit, we remove disease-causing plaque and tartar and polish your teeth to make them look whiter.

Periodontal Disease Examinations

Protect yourself from gum disease with periodontal diagnoses, treatment, and maintenance services from our dental staff. We educate our patients and provide you with dental prevention instructions that help you maintain healthy gums.

Pediatric Dentistry

It's never too early to start taking care of your children's teeth and to show them how to be proactive about their oral health. For children ages four and up, we provide pediatric dental services that include: 

• X-Rays
• Fillings
• Extractions
• Sealants
• Fluoride Treatments
• Preventative Dental Services
• Dental Space Maintainers

Oral Surgery

Some extensive dental problems that cannot be corrected with standard treatment require oral surgery. We correct these problems with options such as routine extractions, complicated extractions, wisdom tooth removal, gum surgery, and much more. 

Flossing - Preventative Dentistry
Smiling Seniors - Preventative Dentistry

Other Preventative Services:

• Routine Cleanings
• Digital X-rays
• Intraoral Camera Services 
• Gum Disease Checks
• Oral Cancer Screenings
• Tooth Decay Examinations
• Advanced Gum Procedures
• Existing Restoration Examinations

Contact us for services that keep your teeth and gums healthier.

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